Image: Emma Fishwick

Image: Emma Fishwick



A double bill of works choreographed by NSW artists Adelina Larsson and Julie-Anne Long in collaboration with performer Laura Boynes (WA) Wonder Woman responds to contemporary female gender issues past and present, a physical provocation that doesn’t adhere to a single feminist ideology or movement language, but presents a platform for multiple voices to be heard. In a world where #metoo and Times Up are empowering women, and with international focus on women’s rights, Wonder Woman is an urgent and timely work that proposes feminism as a superhero, time is up.

Long’s, To Be Honest: a girl’s own collection of unconfirmed tales, explores the heroine in a talking dancing story. It deals directly with the everyday, incorporating stories and text in multiple forms through the use of live and pre-recorded sound. Humorous and exposing, To Be Honest: unearths the everyday superhero and the subconscious feminist.

Larsson’s, Super Self explores a mythical persona of inhibited transparency, hysterical strength, shame, sexuality and care. Super Self is provocative and physical, delivering a solid punch to the guts.

50 mins in length, an electric sound design by Shoeb Ahmed (NSW), sculptural costume design by Matthew Stegh (NSW), Wonder Woman is a force to be reckoned with.

In development since 2017, Wonder Woman is seeking partners for the first staging.