Is Australia really the land of multiculturalism we are so proud of, or are we a country ruled by fear? Most Australians can track their heritage back to another country, Australia is built on the back of migrants. Aren't we all boat people?Are our politicians and media personalities dehumanising issues, controlling our views, manifesting hysteria and fuelling a fire of racism and fear? Do we know the facts?

 Look the Other Way is a provocative dance theatre work that tackles these questions. The work delves into issues affecting refugees and migrants living in Australia. A spectrum of opinions incorporating interviews, documentaries and multimedia created by young people from the Metro Migrant Resource Centre and schools around Perth.


Buzz Dance Theatre

Artistic Director: Cadi McCarthy

Artistic Associate and Choreographer: Laura Boynes

Composers: Tristen Parr and Matt Cornell

Performers: Toby Derrick, Peter Fares, Yilin Kong, Bernadette Lewis, Rhiannon Newton, Tyrone Robinson, Ella-Rose Trew

Visuals: Ashley De Prazer