Image: Simon Pynt

Image: Simon Pynt


 Sous Vide (French: Under Vacuum) created and performed by Laura Boynes and Tony Currie explores preservation and humanities’ attempts to immortalise the world around us. Sous Vide scrutinizes but also laughs at the absurdity of living in the 21st century.

With references to environmental, social and human preservation, Sous Vide is a fast paced, eclectic, and choreographically detailed look at society’s flaws.

Throughout there are absurd, humorous and emotional moments that interrupt the constant drive of the work. Made up of memories, objects, environment and places it is an attempt to immortalize the world around us.

Performers: Tony Currie and Laura Boynes

Sound: Compilation: Tristen Parr

Performance Seasons: WA Ballet Centre, Perth 2014 - Adelaide Fringe Festival 2015


Most Outstanding Dancer – Laura Boynes, Dance Australia Critics Survey 2016

"Laura Boynes, independent in her own Sous Vide. A great little work that deserves a decent tour." Peter Burdon – The Advertiser

Reviews 4 stars 4 stars 4 1/2 stars